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How Bedding Makes the Room

We like to think of making the bed as a kind of art form. An opportunity for self-expression and creativity to flourish. After all, a bedroom is more than simply a place to sleep. Personal, cozy, and filled with mementos, it’s where we can catch ourselves at day’s end and wake with ease in the morning. Like a slow exhale, an evening stretch—this room is here for us to retreat to, and uncover a bit of rest.

That’s why we’ve always loved bedding. All the hues, textures, patterns, and designs to choose from…just brimming with possibility. When each layer is carefully considered, the result can bring the whole room together while reflecting the details we love most. Essentially, a well-made bed makes it easy to delight in downtime.

We know there are a lot of bedding options to choose from, and it can be daunting at the start. So below, we’ll walk you through the steps of creating your own artful bed stack that’s both beautiful and comfortable.

How to Keep a Well-Stocked Kitchen + Pantry

Setting yourself up for success in the kitchen looks a lot like preparation. It’s one thing to have a bunch of cookbooks—and another to feel empowered to open one on a whim and get cooking. A well-stocked pantry gives you that confidence. Tools for the task. Ingredients at the ready. Equipped and assured, you’ll find it easier to say “yes, chef!” (to yourself) whenever inspiration strikes.

That brings us to this guide. Over the years, we’ve found certain items come up time and again in our cooking—Joanna’s too. So we’ve pored through our shopping lists, as well as Jo’s Magnolia Table cookbooks, to define what we consider to be the essentials. By keeping your own “capsule” kitchen, you’ll make room for more creativity in the culinary process since you won’t be worried about what you do or don’t have on hand. After all, time in the kitchen is about more than measurements, instructions, and timers. It’s about the meals and moments we get to savor together.

A Collection of Appetizer Recipes

The doorbell rings; it’s the day of a dinner gathering, and guests are arriving. They’ll leave coats and cares at the door as they’re greeted by hugs and how-are-yous—ushered into an evening to savor. Before dinner, there’s no better way to make loved ones feel welcome than with an assortment of starters to snack on while everyone settles in. Plus, if your guests are anything like our friends and family, they’re sure to arrive hungry. Providing something to curb their appetite gives you extra time to finish the rest of the meal.

How to Decorate with Garland

We love garland around here. It’s full, festive, and one of the simplest ways to usher in the holiday season—joyfully embracing nature’s beauty inside. Plus, the displays can be as big or small as you’d like. During early, not-quite-winter days, you might prefer a subtle sign of the season on the door or mantel. Then, as the holidays draw near, you can continue layering in more pieces whenever and wherever you see fit.

Below, we’re sharing creative ideas to decorate with garland in your home. Beyond traditional stylings that might readily come to mind, we’re also reimagining this classic greenery—where and how it can be placed. After all, garland can help highlight unique parts of your house that may not see much decor during the rest of the year.

Let’s bring evergreen...everywhere!

A Guide to Furniture Textures

We like to think of texture as anything that adds tactile depth to a room. It’s a sensory experience. Something you can see when you walk into a space and feel as you settle in and make yourself at home. There are many finishing touches that create visual interest and dimension: pillows, throws, florals, and the like. But today, we’d like to focus on a great place to start. Furniture.

A note on design styles: You may be familiar with the six design styles we refer to: farmhouse, modern, rustic,

Floral and Vase Pairings for Spring

As we await, and then welcome, warmer weather, we’re taking a cue from nature—giving space for the world around us to grow slowly. Inspired by the pace of spring, we’ve found faux floral arrangements can help us embrace the coming season and create a little beauty of our own.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a few of our favorite pairings—with tips from our stylists and ideas for where to place them in your home. Bringing together decorative flowers, greenery, and vases (from our new sprin

Three Ways to Trim Your Tree

For us, decorating marks the beginning of the holidays—as we unpack old boxes, bring home new pieces, and create intentional spaces for merriment to unfold. At the center of it all, the Christmas tree. It’s a simple, lovely sight that signals the season is here and, therefore, wonder awaits.

When it comes to styling and trimming yours, there really are no rules. The best-dressed trees are the ones that reflect your story—and bring you and your family joy. So lean into what you love. And don’t b

Art of the Accent Chair

Accent chairs are a practical and beautiful way to add extra seating while also complementing (or diversifying) a room’s overall design. Their textures, colors, and materials add a layer of visual interest, and they’re easy to move around whenever you need a little refresh—or have company coming over.

This season, we introduced a few new accent chairs to our collection. Featuring everything from exposed framing with laid-back, mid-century appeal to elegant tufting and upholstery, there’s an opt

Rugs 101

When designing a space, you may have heard it said to start from the ground up—laying the foundation with a good rug. That’s often where Joanna will start when pulling together a room. Rugs define a space and draw you in, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort through colors, textures, and materials. They’re also one of the quickest ways to refresh a room that needs a little something new.

While they can be an investment, a high-quality rug that’s the right style (and size) can transform your s

What Is My Home Decor Style? Answered.

You may have heard designers and influencers use words like minimal, bohemian, or modern, and found yourself wondering... “wait, what's my decorating style?” Knowing the aesthetic you gravitate toward can help bring intention to the design of your own space — with more of the colors, textures, and of course, photos that bring you joy. That’s why we created this guide (and decor style quiz)!

Read on as we break down five well-loved approaches to design, alongside some of the many ways our community is making them their own.

10 Modern Wall Decor Ideas

When refreshing our spaces, we turn to modern decor for its design-forward clarity and effortless beauty. We love that modern room decor is all about simplicity — choosing fewer meaningful pieces that make a bigger impact when brought together, thoughtfully.

Most minds will go to clean lines, minimal looks, simple color palettes, and natural light at first mention of modern interior design. But, truth is, it can mean something new every day! So when incorporating contemporary wall decor ideas in your space, give yourself the creative freedom to break the “rules” a bit. Let the guidelines simply guide — and make decor decisions that bring you joy. Start with these 10 examples we’ve gathered to inspire your own take on today’s designs.

Artifact Uprising Holiday Catalog 2021

This holiday, we’re sure of one thing — joy awaits.

With intention, we set our sights on that feeling of gifting our photos, honoring the people in our lives and the time we spend with them. We look forward to the tears-of-joy and the loved ones left speechless... making their day with each page turned and memory exchanged.

And in a season full of hurry, we choose to slow down — to enjoy the journey: the planning, creating, wrapping, remembering, and sharing. Because in anticipating the joy that lies ahead, we see the beauty in moments created along the way. And in slowing down, we find the fullness that is in front of us.

Let’s relive these moments we’re printing, recall the feelings they stir up, and be present — there’s gratitude to be found, right here.

This is joy, in the making.

Creative Graduation Gifts for All Ages

Congratulations are in order...

Graduation marks a significant transition — the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new. Reaching this point takes hard work and dedication, with many meaningful memories made along the way. Amidst so many years and accomplishments to celebrate, you may find yourself wondering what to gift a graduate to make this milestone even more meaningful.

Truth is, the most thoughtful gifts are ones that recognize and relive past experiences together. That’s where your photos come in. Whether for college, high school, middle school, or even kindergarten graduation, we’ve rounded up 16 creative graduation gift ideas to celebrate them through photos.

15 Wall Art Ideas to Personalize Your Space

Sometimes the difference between the place we live and a place that feels like home is how we fill it. For it’s in the details and the little personalizations that we find comfort — nods to our story and reminders of whom and what we love most. And we’ve all been there: finally furnished with the then daunting task of tackling bare walls ahead.

We're here to share what we’ve learned along our own decorating journeys, sourcing ideas from our team and community, to say “goodbye” to bare walls, together. Below, you’ll find 15 of those beloved wall design ideas, featuring photo frames, prints, and more — in ways you might not always expect.

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