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10 Modern Wall Decor Ideas

When refreshing our spaces, we turn to modern decor for its design-forward clarity and effortless beauty. We love that modern room decor is all about simplicity — choosing fewer meaningful pieces that make a bigger impact when brought together, thoughtfully. Most minds will go to clean lines, minimal looks, simple color palettes, and natural light at first mention of modern interior design. But, truth is, it can mean something new every day! So when incorporating contemporary wall decor ideas in your space, give yourself the creative freedom to break the “rules” a bit. Let the guidelines simply guide — and make decor decisions that bring you joy. Start with these 10 examples we’ve gathered to inspire your own take on today’s designs.

Artifact Uprising Holiday Catalog 2021

This holiday, we’re sure of one thing — joy awaits. With intention, we set our sights on that feeling of gifting our photos, honoring the people in our lives and the time we spend with them. We look forward to the tears-of-joy and the loved ones left speechless... making their day with each page turned and memory exchanged. And in a season full of hurry, we choose to slow down — to enjoy the journey: the planning, creating, wrapping, remembering, and sharing. Because in anticipating the joy that lies ahead, we see the beauty in moments created along the way. And in slowing down, we find the fullness that is in front of us. Let’s relive these moments we’re printing, recall the feelings they stir up, and be present — there’s gratitude to be found, right here. This is joy, in the making.

Gallery Wall Ideas & Layouts for Every Wall or Style

We're convinced everyone, and we mean everyone, loves a good gallery wall. These curated wall art ideas fill social feeds, Pinterest boards, and decor magazines — with good reason! Photo gallery walls add a touch of personality and thoughtful design to any room. They are a great way to showcase your photography, from the professional to the personal. And by displaying your favorite images, art pieces, or prints, your home will become an instant conversation starter to spark the telling of your stories. If you're feeling any bare-wall-anxiety as you begin to create one of your own, fear not! In this guide, we'll break down various techniques, layouts, and styles to make creating your dream gallery wall a breeze.

Creative Graduation Gifts for All Ages

Congratulations are in order... Graduation marks a significant transition — the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new. Reaching this point takes hard work and dedication, with many meaningful memories made along the way. Amidst so many years and accomplishments to celebrate, you may find yourself wondering what to gift a graduate to make this milestone even more meaningful. Truth is, the most thoughtful gifts are ones that recognize and relive past experiences together. That’s where your photos come in. Whether for college, high school, middle school, or even kindergarten graduation, we’ve rounded up 16 creative graduation gift ideas to celebrate them through photos.

15 Wall Art Ideas to Personalize Your Space

Sometimes the difference between the place we live and a place that feels like home is how we fill it. For it’s in the details and the little personalizations that we find comfort — nods to our story and reminders of whom and what we love most. And we’ve all been there: finally furnished with the then daunting task of tackling bare walls ahead. We're here to share what we’ve learned along our own decorating journeys, sourcing ideas from our team and community, to say “goodbye” to bare walls, together. Below, you’ll find 15 of those beloved wall design ideas, featuring photo frames, prints, and more — in ways you might not always expect.

Top Backcountry Huts To Visit In Colorado

Out in the wilds of Colorado, surrounded by fresh powder and a full sky of stars, nothing beats the feeling of a full day out in the backcountry. The Rocky Mountain system of remote huts offer seclusion, remarkable views, and unbeatable skiing. With over 160 huts and yurts throughout Colorado, in national forests and designated wildernesses, it can be hard to choose which is best for you and your crew. So here’s a narrowed down list of iconic huts and favorites of Zeal Employees and Athletes.

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